Honeymoon Gift List

Now that the date is set for your wedding, probably the next major step will be to plan your honeymoon. We have the ideal way to help you do this with the minimum of stress – introducing our honeymoon gift list! It is a great way for guests to contribute to your honeymoon travel, and post-wedding items, including experiences as well as physical gifts.

How it Works

1. Arrange your honeymoon through us.

2. Create a gift list online.

3. Add the items into the list that you would like your guests to contribute payment to, which can be selected from any supplier or any item that you would like, eg flights, boat trip, romantic dinner for two, excursions, upgrade to 1st class cabin, etc, and maybe the odd towel!

4. Share the gift list with your friends.

5. Your friends select items from the list and pay by sending online or offline payments for them. They can also opt to have their message professionally printed and gift wrapped. Plus, the additional app makes tracking everything very easy.

6. You can view and manage your list via your computer or app!

Click below to get started!