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RFID - Prevention is Better than Cure!

Statistics have recently showed that card payments have overtaken cash payments, as contactless technology now has a firm hold in buying transactions. But with this, comes the potential risk of card information being stolen (without any physical contact). No longer does a thief need to physically take a wallet or purse, but only needs to stand close to their victim and use an RFID scanner…

How to Improve the chances of your lost baggage, mobile phone, etc, being returned to you

It shouldn’t happen, but unfortunately from time to time, it does – that is, lost luggage. Did you know that 1% of all bags carried by airlines are lost or mislaid? That means for a family of five travelling twice yearly, there is a 20% chance of a bag going missing*. The risk increases if the travel involves a transfer of flights. Suitcases and bags going missing can cause a great amount…