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How to Improve the chances of your lost baggage, mobile phone, etc, being returned to you

It shouldn’t happen, but unfortunately from time to time, it does – that is, lost luggage. Did you know that 1% of all bags carried by airlines are lost or mislaid? That means for a family of five travelling twice yearly, there is a 20% chance of a bag going missing*. The risk increases if the travel involves a transfer of flights. Suitcases and bags going missing can cause a great amount…

Three pro tips to avoid getting pick-pocketed when travelling for business

There are millions of tips on how to avoid thieves stealing your precious belongings when travelling, but these all need a lot of focus. While the reality is that when on a trip for business you need to optimise your time and dedicate your attention to prepare for a meeting or to be in touch with your colleagues. Here are some pro tips from the seasoned travellers of the Holiday Accent Team o…