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7 Reasons Why Being in the Outdoors is So Good for Your Mental Health

As we all grapple with being in 'lockdown', it has been well-documented that outdoor walking and exercise (even if it is only in the local park!) can help promote one's feeling of well-being and health. The following article expands on this, which I hope you will find helpful.1. Being outdoors can reduce your stress levelsLegacy Healing says going for a walk is one of the best ways of reducing st…

Anyone for a Picnic?

We may not be able to travel abroad (at least not easily) this year, but it’s not necessary to go abroad in order to enjoy a good break from the daily grind! The year 2020 looks like becoming a UK Staycation, with many people visiting Britain’s stunning beaches, beauty hot spots, and cities bursting with culture and heritage.If your destination includes a little al-fresco dining, then picni…