Aerolite Luggage Packing Cubes Travel Organiser (4 Pieces)

Weight 0.26 KGS
Height 20.30 (cm)
Width 36.10 (cm)
Depth 6.10 (cm)

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This 4-piece packing cube set provides the perfect accessory to keep your items organised and tidy whilst traveling. Each packing cube is made of hard-wearing polyester, but remains lightweight and stylish: great as a carry on and to maximise space within your luggage.  

  • 4 piece set: High quality packing cubes – Small (Dimensions: 27.9×17.5×7.6cm), Medium (35.6×12.7×7.1cm), Large (34.9×24.7×7.6cm), Extra Large (44.5×32.4×8.25cm)
  • Organise your luggage and locate any item quickly and easily with a see-through mesh panel. Plan and order your clothes into convenient cubes of varying sizes. Especially handy if you are sharing a suitcase and want to keep items separate, eg underwear, separating clean and dirty clothes, separating medical items.
  • Avoid excess baggage charges. Each cube has a useful side handle which allows it to be carried as hand luggage
  • Each cube has convenient double zippers and mesh lining on the top of each cube, so you can view and select the cube you need. Unpack your clothes from your suitcase and keep your hotel room free of clutter

You'll be amazed at the variety of uses for these packing cubes!