Anyone for a Picnic?

We may not be able to travel abroad (at least not easily) this year, but it’s not necessary to go abroad in order to enjoy a good break from the daily grind! The year 2020 looks like becoming a UK Staycation, with many people visiting Britain’s stunning beaches, beauty hot spots, and cities bursting with culture and heritage.

If your destination includes a little al-fresco dining, then picnics are a great way to spend time with family and friends. Whatever your destination, it’s still a good idea to plan and get organised for your trip, and we can offer some tips to help your picnic go more smoothly.

Transporting your Food

How you carry your food will depend on your mode of travelling (by foot, bike or car), and also the number of people you are packing for – two, four, or more? There are a variety of picnic baskets, picnic backpacks and picnic bags available to accommodate your lifestyle and picnic needs. If budget allows, consider investing in a basket/bag larger than the number of people attending, eg for a 2-person picnic, maybe buy a 4-person picnic basket, as you’ll get extra plates and utensils that can be used for serving, and a bit more storage room for those extras!

Basket Hamper Contents

It’s best to use plastic cups or bottles to avoid breakages, especially if children are involved. If you’ll be drinking cork-sealed wine, don't forget the bottle opener! Remember to take extras such as napkins, spare utensils in case these are dropped on the ground and there are no washing facilities, sharp knife for cutting (ideally with a protective covering), extra water for drinking or cleaning. For hot drinks, use an insulated bottle or travel mug and carry it separately.

To avoid soggy sandwiches, keep things like dressings and optional extras stored in separate containers until required.

Take some hand wipes or anti-bacterial gel, to ensure that everyone's hands are clean before and after eating.

Keeping Contents Cool

The use of Cool bags and pouches, together with ice packs, are essential to things like meat pies, fish or dairy items as cool as possible.  To prolong chilled food, it’s usually best to have ice packs on top of your container.  Check that all lids are tightened before setting off to avoid spillage and food being ruined!

Once seated, resist the temptation to take all food out at once and have it on display. Keeping your food within the cool bag for as long as possible will reduce the risk of it ‘baking’ in the sun and help to reduce waste. Have the food you want to use first at the top of the bag and keep the picnic basket/bag closed when not in use.

Seated Comfortably

Sometimes so much thought goes into the picnic food and drink, that what you’re going to sit on is overlooked. If you'll be sitting on the ground, don’t forget to take a comfortable blanket which has a waterproof backing to avoid getting wet from a damp ground.

The Clean Up

Bring along waste bags, for easy clean-up when you’ve come to the end of your picnic. They also come in handy to store dirty containers, utensils, etc, and to avoid soiling your picnic basket or bag.

To finish …

If you’re looking for stylish transportation of picnic food, then our picnicware will come in handy. These range from ethically-sourced picnic baskets to picnic blankets and cooler bags. Many picnic baskets come complete with dishes, wine glasses, metal utensils, napkins, corkscrew, salt and pepper shakers, cool bags, and picnic blankets. Our range of Italian-designed Clima hydration bottles will come in useful for taking those hot drinks – which STAY hot for up to 12 hours.

Wherever you're heading this summer, we hope that you have a well-deserved break and a chance to unwind.  We are always here to help, so get in touch if you have any queries.

Cooler bag image courtesy of: Greenfield Collection