How to protect your family from sun damage on your daily walk or run!

The most frequently repeated tip against sun damage is to stay indoors when the UV rays are the strongest - usually from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm, (or even from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm).  Whilst we fully support this idea, we are also realistic about the activities families like doing when the sun is out.  In this article, the Holiday Accent experts share their tips on how to stay protected against UV rays, whilst out in the sun.

Not all types of UV rays mean a threat for you

First of all, a bit of science: there are three types of UV (ultraviolet) rays. UVC is short-wave, completely absorbed by the ozone layer and doesn’t reach the Earth, therefore not a threat to us.

UVB rays are medium-wave, penetrate the ozone layer and have an impact on the outer layer of the skin. UVA rays are the most aggressive, these are not absorbed by the ozone layer and are responsible for the long-term sun damage to the skin resulting in sunburn, pigmentation spots, wrinkles and in the worst case, skin cancer. Although the strength of the UV rays varies depending on the time of the year and day, sun exposure happens every time you are in the sun. Therefore, you need protection against UVA and UVB all year, whether in the UK or abroad.

You can still enjoy outdoor activities whilst outside in the sun

Obviously, our health is the most important, but we can't stay 'hidden' from sunlight, or to stay in shade the whole day. 

This is why we didn’t stop until finding the best solution, which gives you the freedom of enjoying your outside space how you want and, at the same time, having the complete peace of mind of being protected and protecting your loved ones against the harmful rays, whilst getting a tan.

Although good sun cream brands are on the market, applying them a few times a day costs a fortune, not to mention the hassle of keeping the children still during the application.



Apply it only once a day

We are happy to be able to recommend to you Ultrasun, a premium sun protection range, which has a unique Once-a-day application feature. Just apply 15-30 minutes before going out in the morning and you and your family are protected for the whole day. This saves you money and also the time of the regular re-applications.

We have sourced a broad range of Ultrasun products available to help you have the perfect choice for each member of your family. Family SPF30 (sun protection factor) is great for prickly heat sufferers, while with SPF50 even babies and those with an ultra-sensitive skin will be protected. Sport 20 Gel absorbs super quick, which makes it ideal for impatient teenagers, or if you want to jog in the morning or during the afternoon.

As a stylish mum, you are free to use your usual make-up on top of Ultrasun when going for a stroll or out in the garden. It’s also good to know that a sun cream is an inevitable tool in anti-ageing that you should use even when not on holiday.

To know more about the range of Ultrasun products or to easily order them online, please click here.

The article relies on the experience of the Holiday Accent Team. Whilst we do our best to make recommendations of excellent products of the highest quality, none of the above statements replaces medical advice or scientific research. Holiday Accent was born out of the passion for travel and the need to have a unique place where fellow travellers can find everything for their journey.