RFID - Prevention is Better than Cure!

Statistics have recently showed that card payments have overtaken cash payments, as contactless technology now has a firm hold in buying transactions. But with this, comes the potential risk of card information being stolen (without any physical contact). No longer does a thief need to physically take a wallet or purse, but only needs to stand close to their victim and use an RFID scanner to transfer personal data from a debit/credit card. Travelling presents an opportunity for thieves due to the busy, crowded areas, with queues – airports, train stations, festivals, etc.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used to electronically store data, eg personal information on debit cards, passports, etc. The storage of data is one part of the equation; the other side is that the information needs to be read so that we can perform transactions, eg pay at a checkout or cashless payments. To help prevent unauthorised reading of data, there are various protectors available which help to block RFID readers.

Holiday Accent has a range of RFID-protected wallets, purses, passport holders and individual card sleeves to help prevent your data being scanned:

Koruma is a well-established brand, and specialists in RFID products - having also been featured on TV. They offer a range of leather and man-made wallets, purses, passport holders, and protective card sleeves:

Golunski Premium Leather range will brighten your day with its range of colourful wallets and purses.

Nomalite specialises in high quality, lightweight vegan leather wallets.

With RFID blocking aids within an affordable range, it certainly makes sense to take steps to help prevent your data from being stolen, rather than dealing with the aftermath of the mis-use of your information.

… and what lovely gifts the above would make.  All wallets come gift-boxed (without the money!)