Travelling with Children

As the summer school term draws to an end, many parents’ thoughts will be turning to the family holiday. To stop those thoughts evolving into panic, here are some ideas to help plan if you are travelling with young children.

‘The List’

Create a list to prevent forgetting essential and useful items, eg, favourite toy. It’s surprising how the most needed things are overlooked or forgotten, and crossing off items from a list as they’re packed will help to prevent leaving that important item being left behind.

‘Ditch the Technology’

A holiday is a chance to explore and try new things, so think about NOT taking your family’s tech gadgets with you. This will give you and your family a chance to engage with the culture around you. Instead, take a notebook to draw, write, play games; felt-tip/colouring pens – which can contribute to recording the holiday and passing the time in a different way.

Useful Technology

There will always be tech that you will probably want to take with you, such as mobile phones, travel adaptors, batteries, power banks. If you are really into technology, then this could extend to such things as trackers for suitcases and lost children!

Energizer Power Bank

Travel Adaptor


Try not to over-pack, as some items can be bought abroad if necessary (budget allowing). Distribute clothing between different suitcases, so that if a case goes missing, all isn’t lost! Take re-sealable sandwich bags, as they can be used to carry and store many smaller, miscellaneous items.

It helps to use packing cubes, as these help to maximise the space within a suitcase and can act as a ‘carry-on’ if you need to remove items from your suitcase because of over-packing.

If you wish to keep all your travel documents and passports in one place for ease of reference, then it may be wise to invest in a family travel wallet.

Babies and Toddlers

Many airports will allow baby milk and baby food through security in containers over 100ml, with the contents being screened at the security point. However, it is best to check with the airports you will be travelling through to be sure.

If taking a nappy bag, this will count as your carry-on, so ensure that you’ve packed everything needed – dummies, baby wipes, nappies, change of clothes, plastic bags for dirty clothes or soiled nappies, favourite toy, pillows, snacks, etc. Using a backpack containing children’s items is a choice for many parents, which allows them to be hands-free whilst travelling.

Take a few ‘suckable’ sweets which can help with the changes in cabin air pressure during take-off and landing.


Always use a children’s car seat for their protection and safety. As there are various factors to consider when buying a child car seat, a useful website for reference regarding this topic is:

Rear-view mirrors situated on the back seat, allow you to keep an eye on your child without frequently turning around. This is particularly helpful if there isn’t another adult in the car.

Baby rear view mirror

This blog could be very long indeed with various tips and ideas, but we will stop here.  Have a happy holiday!

The article relies on the experience of the Holiday Accent Team. Whilst we do our best to make recommendations of excellent products of the highest quality, none of the above statements replaces medical advice or scientific research.