Flat Lay Co Make-up Cosmetic Bag Case

The Flat Lay Co
Weight 0.72 KGS

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This is such a clever travel makeup bag which also acts as a cosmetic mat, and opens and closes in seconds. So perfect for travelling, as you can pack up in seconds with no need for organisation!  It can be opened halfway to take out an item quickly. It features an interior zipper pocket, four elastic brush holders, and two large exterior pockets fastened by velcro.

The bag can also be fastened to give it more structure- simply put the velcro from the outer pockets together to create a more barrel shaped purse. You can also store the drawstring in one of the outer pockets to keep it tidy!

Machine washable. Do not tumble dry. 

Dimensions: 18cm across closed, 50cm diameter when fully opened.

Make-up items in images are for illustration purposes only and are not included with the bag.