Greenfield Collection Luxury Plaid Picnic Blanket XL

Greenfield Collection
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Weight 0.60 KGS
Height 135.00 (cm)
Width 225.00 (cm)

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This is a luxurious extra-large plaid picnic blanket, which is fully lined, lightweight and resistant to moisture.  On the top side of the blanket is super soft polyester fleece with PVC backing underneath for comfort and practicality.  The blanket features an integrated cover and shoulder strap ensuring it folds up neatly for ease of carrying and protection.

Washing Instructions: Wash in warm soapy water and rinse well.  You can machine wash on low temperature however this may have a long term impact on the quality. Do not Tumble Dry.

Dimensions Unfolded: Length 135cm (4ft 5") x Width 225cm (7ft 3")

Dimensions Folded: Length 32cm x Width 17cm