HomingPIN Starter Pack for Lost Luggage

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HomingPIN is a system for connecting lost property with its owner. It uses an identifying code attached (via a tag or sticker) to your luggage, mobile phone, passport, keys, etc. If an item is lost, the finder of the item simply uses the HomingPIN website to connect to you, or an airport will use their WorldTracer system for baggage handling to connect with you (2200 airports are linked into the HomingPIN system) - all without revealing your identity.

Replacing the traditional luggage tag, HomingPIN represents a more secure way to handle lost luggage or other items – for all modes of travel - planes, trains, ships, buses, etc.

The Starter Pack comprises one loop for bags and keys, plus four asset labels for phones, cameras, etc. Pack includes one year’s subscription (low annual subscription fee applies after one year – currently £5 per year).

Please note that HomingPIN is not a tracker device.